2022 Athlete Registration

ByrdCreative Athletics, Byrd High School

FORMERLY Register My Athlete.com

Registration for Parents 

  • Go to www.aktivate.com 
  • Click Login 
  • Click Create an Account (You only need ONE account, even if you have children in more than one high school and/or junior high; Do Not create another account if you have used Register My Athlete in the past) 
  • Fill in personal account information (this should be the Parent’s personal information)
  • You will be using the site as a Parent 
  • lick Submit 

After you have an account: 

  • Login 
  • Under the Parents header (Blue), Click the button labeled “Click here to start/complete athlete registrations“. (the first time you log in you will be asked to agree to terms and conditions) 
  • Click Start/Complete a Registration (upper left hand corner of the page) 
  • Click Start a New Registration – this is where you will enter all of your Athlete’s information
  • Click on the red bars to complete all requirements 
  • Click the orange button on the lower left side of the screen for live chat or email support@aktivate.com for assistance 

Available July 2022, download the Aktivate mobile app for your team communications