Class of 2026


(Start the year off right and have these on the first day of school!) 

  1.     Pens, blue or black and red for English
  2.     College-rule, loose-leaf paper
  3.     Bound Composition Notebook (Lab Book)
  4.     Standard graphing paper
  5.     Three ring binder with pocketed dividers
  6.     A box of 1000 3 x 5 notecards can be bought from for about $10
  7.     Planner (A planner will be provided by Top Jackets during the first week of school)
  8.     Highlighters
  9.     USB flashdrive
  10. Calculator, a TI-30XIIS is sufficient for early grades and is only $10
  11. No. 2 pencils
  12. PE uniforms can be purchased at school.
  13. Backpack
  14. Some teachers will require additional materials, but this list will have you ready for the first week of school.