Jackets in the News: 4-20-22

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Congratulations to the following students who have work that was chosen to represent Byrd & compete in the Art Break Visual Art Juried Competition! Please give these kiddos a pat on the back!



Ja’sani Coney

Ziporah Gayle

Alexis Greer

Aubree LaCroix

Leilah Lawrence

Asia Mason

Alana Taylor



Juliana Mancilla

Ziarra Williams



Emma Loyd (2 works selected!)

Liya Jenkins

Cole Rimmer

Shelby Sanders (2 works selected!)

Anna Toms (2 works selected!)



Olivia Boykin (2 works selected!)

Anne Michele Erwin (2 works selected)

Aaliyah Hudson

Allison May

Kaitlyn Moton

Kailyn Oliver

Alana Palmer (2 works selected!)

Jenna Smith

Turner Wilkins

Ali Wilson