Jackets in the News: 20/21 La State Beta Convention Winners

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20/21 La State Beta Convention Winners


Robbie Scott Memorial Scholarship – $2,000 Molly Mcnulty

Harris-Kennedy Scholarship Test- $2,000 Molly Mcnulty

                                                           $1,000 Cameron Bradford


All of the following winners are eligible to compete at National Convention this summer! 


Marketing and Communications: 5th place –Team – Sarah Briery, Cameron Bradford and William Raney

Math 10th Grade = 5th place – Cailyn Bradford

Math 11th Grade = 4th place – Jackson Ballew

Onsite Painting = 4th place Lillie England

Poetry Division I = Champion (1st place) AnnaMarie Kemper

Social Studies 9th Grade = 3rd place Chloe Liles

Social Studies 12th Grade = 1st place David Shaw

Jewelry Division I = 2nd place Catherine Briery

Sculpture Division I = 3rd place Catherine Briery

Jewelry Division II = 4th place Kingson Wills 

Mixed Media Division II = 4th place – Klaire Duffy

Painting Division II = 3rd place – Klaire Duffy

Recyclable Art Division II = 2nd place Hannah Draker